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Terms of service

Website terms of service

Tokyo Bay Hotels Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company ") is the agent operating the directories, mail delivery programs and various reservation systems on Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel club resort website (, below referred to as our site. Please confirm the Terms of use before you start using our site and please proceed to use our site only if you agree with the terms of use. By using our site you confirm to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Since Terms of Use are subject to change without notice, please make sure to check the latest information. Please note that, in case of content change, only the modified content is effective.

  • 1. Purpose
    Our site is provided solely for the convenience of the users, limited only to your personal, non-commercial use, and it is assumed users themselves are responsible for their actions. Moreover, use of the information available through the site for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • 2. Change of the terms of use
    In regards to our site, the information published on our site and specifications and others, our company reserves the right, at any time without prior notice, to perform any of the following: amendments, modifications, additions, suspensions, deletions.
  • 3. Copyright
    All of copyright of the information, specifications, programs and others, provided by our site, is owned and managed by our company, and the copyright owners managing trademark rights, are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights laws.
    By using our site, you comply with any copyright, trademark and other laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights and without the consent of our company and copyright holders, reproduction, publishing, distribution, uploading, renting, translation, reprinting, alteration is prohibited.
  • 4. Guarantee
    Our company strives to provide the most recent and accurate information on our site, however, we do not guarantee accuracy, integrity, reliability. Moreover, our company cannot guarantee that the information provided by our site is by any means always appropriate. When dealing with specific cases, current conditions are considered.
  • 5. Responsibilities
    Our company is exempt from responsibility in case of directly or indirectly incurred damages to the users of the site and third parties.
  • 6. Prediction of information
    at times we provide for your convenience information about future estimates and predictions, the information is only based on our foresee ability, and is a subject to change in accordance with the current situation. Please keep in mind the fact that the information is only a prediction and not to be fully relied upon and our company has no obligation to keep the information revised.
  • 7. Our site and links
    The links to other sites on our site are provided for your convenience only, and it is your responsibility to properly use them. We do not guarantee for the content of these sites and we can not assume responsibility. When you use any of these sites, please refer to the terms, conditions and disclaimers, etc. of the site. Further, regarding a link to our site, subject to, it is assumed that, in accordance with our agreement of prior consent we have been contacted and have granted our permission.
  • 8. Agreement on jurisdictional court
    If the need for litigation between the users and our company has occurred, Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Terms of Service for the Hotel reservation system

Tokyo Bay Hotels (referred to as the "Company") set forth for individual users, companies and organizations the following Terms of Service for the online reservation system operated by our company (referred to as the "Service").

  • 1. Scope of this Agreement
    This agreement applies to all who use the hotel reservation system on our site.
  • 2. Definition of the Service
    This is an internet service operated via the methods specified by our company, through which bookings are made, changed or cancelled.
  • 3. Use of the service
    • 3.1 To use this service, you need to follow the matters described in this agreement.
    • 3.2 The range of hotel reservation system is limited and you agree not to request any services that cannot be provided due to the system limitations or further fee reductions.
    • 3.3 At times the reservation service information provided by the hotel staff might differ from the information offered on the service (such as room availability and room rates).
  • 4. Creating and completing a booking
    When creating a booking through the service, the booking process is considered completed after you have received a notification e-mail stating that the reservation has been recorded on the browser and confirmed.
  • 5. Cancelling a booking
    Regardless of the above described information, see number 4, the booking is cancelled without prior notice if it has been proven that the user has violated this agreement.
    The booking is cancelled without prior notice if it has been proven that any prohibited matter (see 6) has been performed.
  • 6. Prohibitions
    When using this service, the following matters are prohibited.
    a. False unfair booking.
    b. To create a booking on another individual’s behalf without their consent
    c. To unduly interfere with the operations of the service, causing harm or the attempt of this act
    d. To behave in a manner that will break other guests’ rights or the attempt of this act
    e. To distort public order and fail to abide by the laws and regulations, or the attempt of these acts
    f. Any other acts considered inappropriate that are not described above.
  • 7.1 If you wish to cancel or change an already completed booking in this service, either cancel or change it in this service, or please contact us by phone.
  • 7.2 Booking cancellation fee or booking change fees will apply in accordance with the booking agreement established by our company.
The date of receipt of contract termination notification no show on the day on the day before 9 days in advance 20 days in advance
Release application number
General up to 14 persons 100% 80% 20% 10% -
Groups between 15 to 99 persons 100% 80% 20% 10% -
more than 100 persons 100% 100% 80% 20% 10%

(Note) 1.% The percentage signify/is the rate of cancellation charge for the basic accommodation charges.
In case of shortening the number of days contracted, regardless of the number of days cancelled, cancellation charge for one day should be paid (the first day).
When a part of a group booking is cancelled (15 persons or more), the cancellation charge shall not be charged for the number of persons equivalent to 10% of the number of persons booked as of 10 days prior to the occupancy (when accepted less than 10 days to the occupancy, as of the remaining days before the occupancy) (fractions rounded up)

  • 8. User Information
    • 8.1 The collection of information and history of use as a part of the services provided by our company, is not be disclosed to third parties with the exception of the below mentioned.
      a. To public authorities with legitimate rights to require disclosure.
      b. Individual agreement to disclose information /concent
      c. In unavoidable situations that require emergency responses
    • 8.2 Occasionally/From time to time, the booking information from this service is used by our company for survey and report purposes. In that case, all the available booking information, excluding personally identifiable information or companies and organizations, is disclosed to a third party.
  • 9. Stopping or changing this service
    • 9.1 As a part of the service operating process, the service may be stopped without prior notice for system and content to modifications and any necessary changes. Please note that the content after the change is valid only.
    • 9.2 Our company may temporarily stop this service without prior notice, when the server maintenance is performed or in case of emergency when the reservation system shuts down.
  • 10. Disclaimer
    • 10.1 When using the service our company is exempted from responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that can occur between the user and a third party. In case the user of this service has given nuisance or damage to others, our company has no liability whatsoever in confirming the user’s responsibility in the matter.
    • 10.2 Our company holds no liability in the situation described in the preceding paragraph or in case of discrepancy in communication environment that resulted in nuisance, damage or failure to use this service.
  • 11. Other
    • 11.1 Since our company may change the Terms without prior notice, please confirm the contents of to this Agreement before using this service. In case the content changes, the contents after the change are only effective.
    • 11.2 With respect to the use of this service, if a matter not covered in this agreement occurs, it should be discussed in good faith between the parties involved.
    • 11.3 With respect to the use of this service, if the dispute can not be resolved through discussions between the parties, it shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese law and regulations. The dispute should be brought to the court possesing jurisdiction over the company location.

Additional condition: This agreement is effective since August 1, 2010.