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Personal information protection policy

Tokyo Bay Hotels Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort (hereinafter referred to as the "Company".) recognizes the importance of your personal information and treats it with ultimate importance. In order to be able to provide better products and services, we promote the following initiatives to responsibly protect your personal information.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
    The Company will comply with laws and regulations of the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws.
  • Company structure/corporate structure
    In respect of handling personal information in the system, the company has established a network to comply with the protection of personal information - apart from the established internal rules and regulations, regulations and operations are enforced in each department and an administrator is appointed in each department to provide proper maintenance.
  • Collection of personal information
    The company collects personal information from customers, after receiving explicit consent for the purpose of use, and the information collected is to the extent necessary for that purpose to be achieved.
  • Use of personal information
    The company uses the personal information of customers only within the scope of the purpose of use and it is not used beyond the scope of its purpose.
  • Maintenance of accuracy
    The company takes the appropriate measures to keep the personal information of customers accurate and up-to-date.
  • Security control measures
    The company strictly controls the personal information and takes precautions and safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage.
  • Internal training
    The Company conducts educational program and training about the personal information protection for its employees, and all employees are familiar with the program and training content.
  • Supervision of trustees
    Company entrusts the personal information to a third party within the scope of its legitimate use. Contractors’ obligations to strictly manage the personal information are required and controlled.
  • Restriction of provision to a third party
    The Company, with the exceptions provided by law and regulations, does not provide or disclose personal information to a third party without the customer's consent.
  • Disclosure and correction of personal information
    With respect to the personal information entrusted to the company, in case that the customer wishes to check/confirm or correct their personal information, our company promptly corresponds within the reasonable and necessary limits.
  • Ongoing review of internal systems
    In regards of the organizational structure executing the rules related to handling of personal information, the company strives to effectively and continuously review and improve it to ensure proper operation.

The retained personal data and its purpose of use, held by the company.

  • Sale of goods and general services or membership services and other various services associated with the above mentioned.
  • To provide information and guidance about the company’s goods, services, preferential treatments, events etc..
  • Various inquiries, document requests and the like.
  • In order to improve the services and goods, to seek and collect customers’ opinions and requests.
  • To complete customer trend analysis, market research etc, to carry out analysis necessary for the management, to create statistics based on personally unidentifiable information.
  • To fulfil the Company's obligations and exercise its rights, and the various corresponding hotel operations.

    Personal data kept

  • Booking, use the actual data set.
  • Meeting/banquet reservation, use the actual data set.
  • Restaurant reservations register.
  • Restaurants use record data set.
  • Corporate contract data set.
  • Restaurant member data set.
  • General customer data set.
  • E-mail magazine delivery register list.
  • Hotel event planning, questionnaire, participants list.

Regarding the access log (history)

Our company’s website, aimed at improving our services and customers’ convenience, records the information about customers browsing the web in the form of access log (history). The recorded information is a page with dates and times of access, domain name or IP address, the type of browser (Internet browsing software) that you are using, and does not include any personally identifiable information. The Company is to use the information only for statistical analysis on the website use, never to be used for any other purposes.Along with access log recording, the contracted service provider’ cookies and web beacons are used.
A cookie is a small piece of data sent from the server managing the web site to the user’s browser, while the user is browsing it. As a result, the server records data such as web site pages visited on a particular computer, but without recording any personally identifiable data. In addition to the cookies, the web beacons record how many times a particular page has been visited.
Please note that users can reject receiving cookies by changing the browser settings. By refusing to accept cookies web beacons are rejected too.

Disclosure of billing procedures

  • Personal information subject to disclosure
    Please provide/specify personal information that is requested as subject to disclosure. Please note that the below mentioned personal information is not subject to disclosure:
    1.1 Personal information for which
    - there is no authority for disclosure to business trustees.
    - the information preset to be securely erased within 6 months.
    1.2 The established in Data Protection Act, Article 25 items shall not be subject to disclosure
    - To disclose information that may harm the rights and interests of the person or a third party.
    - To disclose what is likely to cause significant hindrance to the performance of the company's appropriate business.
    - To disclose what is likely to conflict with other laws and regulations.
    1.3 Other specified by laws and regulations.
  • Range of the disclosed information -The range of disclosure covers identification of address, name, company’s purposes, included in the personal information, gathered by our company, only currently existent, active.
  • Request for Disclosure
    • Reception procedure
      To request disclosure, please send via registered mail the below mentioned items to our Contact Center for personal information: our company’s application form, a document for identity verification, the applicable fee. Please note that a request sent directly to our company is not accepted.

      ● Documents needed:

      (1) Our company’s application form.
      (2) a document necessary for identification.
      (3) In case of request for disclosure by proxy.
      (4) method of response to the request for disclosure.
      (5) the personal data not to be disclosed.
      (6) the intended use of the personal information in request for disclosure.
    • handling charge for the request for disclosure and the payment method.
      (1) request for disclosure and request for notification of purpose of use:
      - Handling charge for personal data- per item/500 yen (including tax).
      - Payment method: • Please enclose with the documents a postal money order worth the amount of the handling charge.
      (2) Requests for correction or suspension of use are free of charge.

Active since August 1, 2010